France March 17: From Julia

I have always dreamt of going to Paris, of the shopping, the food, and the landmarks. However, actually being there was completely different than the Paris I had always imagined. Rather than old ladies carrying purse dogs and Chanel bags, the streets were filled with people of many cultures speaking different languages.

Our first day in Paris, we explored the Jardin de Tuileries; saw the pyramid du Louvre, and took a night time boat ride down the Seine. For dinner, we were separated from the adults-it was at this time that our French skills were truly put to the test. We were required to order, ask questions, and pay for our meal in French. However, this was not always the case; one of the more frustrating aspects of the trip was that many people, hearing us speaking amongst ourselves in English, would speak English to us to practice their own foreign language skills.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting the Louvre. Not only did it give me material for my IB journal, it gave me the chance to see a close friend who lives in Paris. Though short, our trip to Paris gave us many opportunities to experience French culture firsthand, and I hope I will be able to visit the city again one day.

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