France March 15: Day Two of Service

So far we have had two days of service. The first day was a huge blur…(18 names of students to know, learning the correct route to the school Bruyeres, making out the words that the kids slurred in French…) By the end of the day I had to fight to keep my eyes open.

On the second day, however, I was not only fully energized and rested, but excited to spend another day with the students. When I walked into the classroom I expected a polite “bonjour” followed by a list of what I would be helping with. Instead, eight small arms wrapped around my legs! Elodie, Farah, Larik, and Adam yelled my name and continued to surround me in a whirlwind of French questions and exclamations. I was completely surprised that they remembered my name and that they were so excited to see me.

The day unfolded into the same chaotic blend as the first day. Just as I was putting on my jacket and getting ready to leave I felt a familiar hand wrap around mine. “Bonjour Toni!” smiled Elodie. She pressed a small flower from the playground into my palm. It was this small gesture of kindness that furthered my appreciation of the work we are doing at Bruyeres, and I’m looking forward to returning.

– Toni

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