Mississippi March 13: Our Second Day

The memories of our wonderful second day are locked in forever.  The day started with a visit from Veronica and Elliot, the homeowners of the Choctaw St. house, where Keita, Eli, Justin, Allie, Adam, Jake and Kyle are working.  I won’t go into the whole story, because I am hopeful that one of our students will write about it in a blog post soon (once we get our wifi situation worked out) but she certainly has had really challenging experiences, which she has gotten through with great amounts of faith and a love of God and humanity.  Elliot, her Hawaiian born and raised husband, was much less loquacious but equally kind and friendly.

After hearing from them, we were excited to get to the houses to work.  I took Nadia, Le, Taylor, Ethan, Emily, and Victor to the house on 8th Street where we have been working and we fully turned that blue house white.  In the upcoming days, our task is to turn the white house brown.  We will post pictures of the process, and pictures will come soon of the Choctaw St. house as well.  We topped off a hard day of work with a potluck dinner with Habitat for Humanity homeowners (including Veronica and members of her family) and some other Habitat volunteers. All in all, a great day.

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