Israel/Palestine March 12: Right to Education

Today, two girls from Friends Boys School gave a presentation about their club called “Right to Education.” This club helped donate supplies for students in the Jordan Valley. It was disheartening to hear about how the children have to walk an hour plus to school everyday where they have limited supplies. After, we were able to have a Q & A session with them and other FBS students. We had many of our questions about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict answered through several stories that blew my mind. Not only did we learn more about the history of this conflict, but we learned about the present day-to-day problems too.

One of the problems that affects some of the FBS students that live in Jerusalem is that they have to pass through the check point into Palestine. One of the students talked about how there was a time where one of their friends had to miss school because the check point was closed due to a holiday. Out of the many stories that we have heard, there were a few that were really touching. I would have never been able to know the stories with out going on this trip. This trip has been a great experience so far and I cannot wait for the rest that I will be able to experience and learn.


P.S – We won the soccer game today!

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