Israel/Palestine March 8: At the Airport

Our group is safely ensconsed at gate 6 of terminal 3 at Kennedy Airport.  Thanks to the assistance of our trusty van drivers Michel LoStrocco and Corey McNaught we arrived well ahead of schedule for our 9 pm flight to Tel Aviv.  We fed the students, and now the group is hunkered down at the gate, awaiting boarding.  While it will likely prove difficult, our hope is that each member of the group will post at least once on the trip, and that someone will post at least once every day.


Although it snowed several inches today our trip to the airport was uneventful.  The most exciting event so far is that I saw a pigeon go flying down the hall, and it almost flew right into the heads of Emily, Chandler and Jackie K.  According to the girls, Chandler hurriedly ducked behind them and Emily fled the scene.


The theme of this blog post is “preflight thoughts:”


Hassan says: “Excitement.” Raphi says:  “Excited and tired.” Chandler says: “I want to know when they’re going to feed us,” even though he just ate Emily Dunbar says:  “I better win this game of Life.” Yen Anh, who is doing economics homework even though term 2 just ended, says: “It just hit me that we’re all going to Israel and I’m excited.” Jackie Knoll says, “I hope there are no crying babies on the plane.” Jacki says: “I’m really full, I can’t believe I spent five dollars on licorice, and I hope I can sleep on the plane.” Henry says: “Ginger snaps.” Rumzi says: “Can we board the plane last?” Polly wonders: “Why is boarding scheduled 1:45 hours before departure?”


The rest of the group is hanging out at another gate.


I hear a baby crying really loudly.  We’re boarding.


Gotta go.



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