Cuba June 18

Hey Parents!

This is Kate Wurz here writing to you all about shenanigans today during our venture in Gibara. We woke up around 7 o´clock and began our day with an outstanding breakfast of scrambled eggs, bread, pineapple, mango juice, and coffee. The staff there is very nice and friendly. The cook always prepares a separate vegetarian meal for Julia whenever the main dish has meat.

After breakfast we painted the courtyard in the church. It is amazing how much work you can get done in one morning with fifteen painters. To paint the tricky spots we had to use some creative techniques. Trey and I climbed onto the roof of the second floor and painted the very top of the wall. Heights don´t usually bother me, but this was pretty scary. (Don´t worry Karen, I only got a little scraped up). We had already started on the second coat by lunch.

Lunch was another delicious meal, and once we were recharged we finished the second coat and then cleaned up. That afternoon two Cubans offered to take us to a beach. Even though a lot of us were tired and it looked like a storm was on its way, we forged ahead. It started to rain on our way there, but we still continued. By the time we got to the beach, it was a monsoon. The beach was just a little cove with no sand only rock.

At first Tom said we weren´t going to swim, but we could go look at the water. Disappointed and drenched to the bone, a few of us ran to find some shelter from the rain. When we (those who sought refuge) returned hoping to go home, we found the rest of the group hanging out in the cove, so we joined them. The water in the cove was warm, so we hung out there for a few minutes. Then we heard some thunder. With that, we quickly got out and grabbed our bags and towels.

The streets had already started to flood. We walked (for some, including myself, it was more of a sprint) back to the church. When we got back we headed for the showers. But many decided to just grab their soap and shower in the rain. Once we were clean we packed up our overnight bags and enjoyed one last meal in Gibara.

We returned back to Holguin and I started this blog. Everyone is doing great. See you in five days!

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