Cuba June 16: It’s Anna

Hola everyone!

It´s Anna here, writing after another long day in Cuba, which began as usual with our breakfast of mangoes, sweet pastries, rolls, and plantains. After breakfast, we went up onto the roof for work. However, there was once again very little for us to do.

Jon, Martina, Carol, Julia, Trey, and I, returned to ground level to work in the church cleaning the benches and fans. While we were cleaning, Jon and I were summoned to create a small mural that would hang as a poster in the church. Jon and I continued to work on the mural until lunch, while the others returned to the roof, where they mixed cement, moved cinder blocks, and swept the work area. Trey impressed all by carrying a very heavy bag of cement by himself, and Evan and Michelle made art forms as they mixed cement. Desi and Dan continued with the work of cement mixing and cinder block construction support.

Following work, we had a lunch of rice, boiled plantains, chicken, potatoes, and bean sauce. For dessert, there was a delicious fruit mixture that smelled just like apple pie, since it was coated with cinnamon. There was little time to relax after lunch today because we went to the internet cafe! The little, air conditioned cafe contained only three computers, so we went in shifts to ensure that we all got a fair amount of time. Everyone was anxious to go to the internet cafe, since we all wanted to make sure that we were going to use our precious 20 minutes of internet time efficiently.

When we returned to the church we had an hour of free time, then it was off to visit a member of the church, who recently had surgery. We had a lovely time bringing our well wishes for a speedy recovery, as well as several reenactments of last night´s performance. We then moved along to our next destination, which was Ruben´s house (the barber from yesterday, who is also a member of the church) for dinner.

As we waited for Ruben´s family to prepare dinner, our group was continuously entertained by the most delightful baby. Ruben´s daughter, Anaabril, ran around while we chatted and sang to a fun playlist of Beyonce and Backstreet Boy songs. Tonight´s supper was split into two courses, the first of which was pretty American. It was composed of spaghetti with a tomato sauce, pizza, fried bananas, fruit cups, and bread. The second course was much more Cuban as it was comprised of pork, beans and rice, shredded cabbage, and fried potato skins. Kate´s birthday celebration continued when our group was treated to a tasty vanilla cake.

The night reminded us all how truly giving the Cubans are; the family came home right after work to prepare our dinner and as we left each received a flower and a mango. As we left Ruben´s house, it was agreed upon by many that this was one of the most fun and special nights of all, though we look forward to many more adventures! It´s now past bed time, so I think that will be all for tonight!



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