Cuba June 11: Day Three

Hola parental units!

Today we woke up at 6:30am sharp to start our first official work day. We were greeted by a lovely breakfast of assorted fruits to prepare for the day ahead.

Once breakfast was finished the manual labor began. Over the course of about three hours, your hard working children had hauled three tons of cinder blocks onto the roof of the building. Jon, Trey, Anna, and I lifted them one by one on a pulley while Evan, Allison, and Dan took turns unhooking the block. They were joined by Desi, Julia, Kate, Carol, and Martina on top of the roof to mix cement and start laying the cinder blocks in a wall formation. I have been instructed by Julia to mention that Julia, Kate, and Carol were the real men on the roof.

Everybody got a chance to do the different jobs if they wanted and we finished our work an hour early. Following lunch, we had a significant amount of free time in which most of us napped or played cards or both!

Loma de la Cruz is what loomed ahead of us at 5:00 p.m. as the afternoon heat faded into a more tolerable temperature. We climbed to the very tippy-top and as we turned to look back from where we had started we were met by a breath taking view of the city. The climb was worth it! :)

Our leaders, Eric and Josue, lead us down the mountain side a different way, taking us through a village of homes and we were really able to get a taste of what life might be like. When we reached their homes, our group split into two to have dinner. I went to Josue’s house and we had a delicious dinner, followed by merriment. One thing that was noteworthy was Josue’s dad’s comment, ¨I live like a rich man,¨ forcing all of us to question how much we really need to be happy. Josue’s family answered all our questions about Cuban life and they made all of us feel so welcome to try out our Spanish.

After a hard day’s work, we are all ready to hit our bunk beds, lay cold towels over our eyes, and dream away. We are all quite content and enjoying the new experiences that we are greeted by each day.

Dad, I fainted yesturday…JUST KIDDING. I am taking care of myself I promise, yes I am drinking lots of water. The heat really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I am having a lot of fun attempting to speak in Spanish. Katie, I hope your summer has been off to a good start, I miss you tons, although I do not miss having to yell at you for stealing my clothes. Both of you, I miss you and love you and I will see you soon. Have fun completing your food calender while I am gone.

We all say hi to y’all back home and we miss you tons!

Love Ya Katie and Dad,


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