Cuba June 10: Meeting and Beach

Hola Amigos! This post comes to you from Allison.

It has been a busy day, one filled with many new and beautiful experiences. We started our day with an amazing and delicious breakfast.  We enjoyed the sweetest fruits of pineapple and mango. Many of the students have commented how wonderful the fruit is.  It is sweet and explodes on your tongue with flavor.  We also had jamón con queso (ham with cheese), pan (bread), and gelatinous substance that is reminiscent of a thick fruit snack.  Many of us even tried a cafe cubano (cuban coffee).  By the way, the woman who prepares this wonderful food is Nena.

After the delicious breakfast, there was time for some quick journaling and reflection before the service.  We attended a Sunday school program that was enjoyable for the little kids.  One of their tasks was to find the ¨missing¨ books of the Bible.  When one couldn´t be found our dear Fran replied, ¨I hate when that happens.¨  The service was filled with various types of music and singing by all.  After the Sunday school service we attended the main services.  Many of the students could understand the gist of the sermon and practiced their Spanish comprehension skills.

After services we were treated to a special lunch with a very special host, Odalys.  She took us to a palador (a restaurant that can be owned by the people, but they must pay high taxes in exchange for being able to have the busines).  Each student enjoyed a pizza, and many of them commented that the dough is sweeter than they were used to.  Nevertheless they enjoyed it.

After lunch we took the bus in an hour long ride to the beach at Guardalavaca.  Imagine the quintessential postcard of the most beautiful beach in the world and you will have an idea of how beautiful it was.  The water was the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold; and it was a clear blue.  The students enjoyed playing football with our guides Alexis and William.  Evan´s quarterback skills came in handy and Trey surprised us all with a great spiral ball.  Later, the students took the opportunity bury a few of their comrades, Carol and Kate.

After enjoying the water and the beautiful scenery we were off to dinner.  We enjoyed a dinner of either fish, chicken, shrimp, and for our vegetarian, spaghetti.  At the end of the meal we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  The gold colors glistened off the water, in the background we could hear Cuban music, and enjoy the company of other cubanos.  Overall, it was a magical day with wonderful company.  Tomorrow, we will get our hands dirty and go to work.

Con paz,


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