China July 2011: Week 2

July 8 morning. We took off from Guiyang to Beijing, where guides will take us to the Great Wall. After two weeks of training down the mountains, no doubt, climbing the Great Wall will no longer be a problem.

July 7 morning. Volunteers from GSP attended farewell service activities Xijiang with Chinese villagers. They drove to Kaili, they will stay here one night, the next day and then depart for Guiyang Airport. They enjoyed a morning along the beautiful and tranquil rural setting, while at night resting Kaili is such a busy city scene, forming a strong contrast.

A little morning downpour delayed the starting time.  We were finally on the road, traveling carefully from the top of the village, to the foot of the mountain by car with four horses laden with all the baggage behind them. These horses usually transfer goods up and down the mountain for the village.

After leaving the West River, we traveled through several Hmong villages, but also through the beautiful national parks, seeing breathtaking waterfalls that the morning rain help make even more spectacular.

July 6. This is our last day of our homestay with villagers.  We worked together to make terraced rice fields after cultivation. The villagers filled the paddy fields with reclaimed water and drove a water buffalo to plow back and forth. We put on our Gaotong boots, jumped into the fields and began to sow the paddies with good seed.  It took only four days from the completion of land reclamation to the seeding process. Everyone is so excited, this experience will be their lasting memories.

After dinner, the our team was divided into groups for new tasks.  Some went to the vegetable Zecai, some took care of the pigs and horses, some went to mow, and some helped the villagers carry supplies.

After the day’s labor, we readily took a bath, gathered in the mayor’s home office to eat hot pot of sour fish soup. After dinner, everyone was taken to an open space, where the villagers put on a great holiday dress was worn by the Miao, blowing Lusheng, sang songs, and danced makeing a grand farewell party.

(Qi Gao p’10)

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